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Important Dates

  • 27 November

    1st Week of Advent

  • 30 November

    K/PP Paraliturgy

  • 01 December

    Whole School Thanksgiving Mass and Christmas Concert

  • 02 December

    Assembly 8.35am (PP-Year 2)

  • 02 December

    Trays home for cleaning

  • 04 December

    2nd Week of Advent

  • 05 December

    Reports go live

  • 07 December

    Transition to new classes

  • 08 December

    Year 6 Whole school farewell Mass

  • 09 December

    Last Day for Students

  • 09 December

    Year 6 End of year excursion

  • 10 December

    Year 6 Graduation Dinner 6:00pm Macedonian Club

From the Principal  – Term 2, Week 4

From the Principal – Term 2, Week 4

Whilst we are enjoying the freedom of fewer restrictions, we are being hit hard with staff members now catching Covid and being required to stay away for 7 days or longer. This has had a massive impact on our community with some days up to 10 staff members are away at a time. Getting relief teachers is proving to be very difficult and some of your children are seeing myself, Mrs Liebregts or Mrs Tucker in the classrooms filling in for absent teachers. Even though this takes us away from our usual work, we have loved spending time at the coal face with the beautiful Mary Mac students. There is always a silver lining to every cloud. I am really hoping that the current wave passes quickly and that we can return to a more normal routine.

School News

School News

  • Keeping Safe Program
  • Kindy Enrolments
  • Canteen News
  • Second-Hand Uniforms

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