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Mary MacKillop Catholic Community Primary School caters for boys and girls from K-6 and our main focus is to provide a quality Catholic education to all students in our care. We aim to provide a safe, caring and loving environment for all students.

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COVID-19 - Update for Parents / Caregivers

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Penola 2022 – Issue 09

Penola 2022 – Issue 09

We are very blessed to have a wonderful and supportive community here at Mary Mac, and whilst we are not perfect, things mostly tick along nicely. From time to time, we get situations where students make poor choices and say things to one another that are not nice and sometimes even end in a push or a shove. Please remember that at all times, the teachers, myself and the Assistant Principals are best placed to deal with such issues. We are all very experienced in this area and we have the capacity to remain neutral. However, when parents contact other parents or even speak to someone else’s children, the situation can escalate quickly and end badly. Therefore, it is imperative that when issues do arise, that you contact the appropriate staff members to deal with it. We will always do our very best to resolve any situation in a fair and compassionate way and keep you informed of the outcomes. The same applies with the inappropriate use of social media. Sometimes people just want to have a rant and they don’t think about the consequences of saying negative things about other people or even our community itself. Please come and talk to us if you have any issues so they can be resolved respectfully, maintaining the dignity of all those involved.

St Vincent De Paul Society – Christmas Hamper Appeal

St Vincent De Paul Society – Christmas Hamper Appeal

The St Vincent de Paul Society is committed to actively and passionately speaking out against the causes of poverty and inequality on behalf of the people we serve.

This year, our school will be assisting the Ballajura Conference of the St Vincent de Paul Society by providing Christmas hampers to families in need in our community. These hampers bring great joy to families in need and also gives our school the opportunity to reach out and help people who are not as fortunate as ourselves.

Important Dates

  • 27 June

    Year 6 Leadership Day

  • 27 June

    Reports go home

  • 30 June

    Whole School Mass Mass 8.45am Yr 5 (Reconciliation following Mass Yr 5)

  • 01 July

    Last Day of Term 2 2022

  • 01 July

    Assembly (PP-Yr 6)


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