At MMCCPS, students are engaged in science learning from Pre-Primary through to Year 6. Each term sees a different content focus across the school, based on the Science Understanding strands of the Australian Curriculum as described below.

Term 1: Biological sciences – understanding living things

Term 2: Chemical sciences – understanding the composition and behaviour of substances

Term 3: Physical sciences – understanding the nature and forces of motion, and matter and energy

Term 4: Earth and space sciences – understanding the Earth’s dynamic structure and its place in space

The teaching of the science understandings goes hand in hand with the development of science inquiry skills. We want to capture students’ interest and stimulate their curiosity, by encouraging questioning, predicting and scientific reasoning. Practical activities provide opportunities for hands-on learning where students investigate, explore and discover.

Our science teaching follows the Primary Connections inquiry-based approach that helps students develop deep learning, and guides them to find scientific ways to answer their questions.

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