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Important Dates

  • 18 May

    Reconciliation Mass Weekend - Students are requested to attend

  • 20 May

    Evacuation drill- Lockdown

  • 22 May

    Reconciliation Parent Meeting – Evening

  • 23 May

    Whole School Mass Yr 3 (Reconciliation following Mass Yr 3)

  • 24 May

    Assembly Yrs PP-2)

  • 25 May

    First Eucharist

  • 26 May

    First Eucharist

  • 27 May

    Reconciliation Retreat 24/7

  • 28 May

    Hymn Singing

  • 29 May

    Year 6 Camp

From the Principal – Term 4, Week 5

Nov 11, 2020

Dear Parents

At 11am today we paused for a while to remember not only the ANZACs, but all people around the world whose lives have been disrupted by war and conflict. Sadly, our world is going through a difficult stage and once again it reminds me just how lucky we are to live where we do. I believe that we should daily turn to God and offer thanks for this wonderful land and its people. We are lucky to have a good government who keeps us safe and does its best to help us live prosperous lives. This Remembrance Day, please pray for those millions of people around the world who are not as fortunate as we are.

Kindy Orientation I’m sure for the Year 6 parents that it felt like yesterday that your children were starting school for the first time. Yet, in the blink of an eyelid, they are getting ready to go to secondary school. As we say farewell to one group of beautiful students, we also say a big welcome to another. On Thursday 19 November, we will hold our annual Kindy orientation sessions. The siblings of students already enrolled will have their session at 9am and all the new families will join us at 10am. The sessions will be held in the Kindy area and we will do our best to keep everyone socially distanced but still make them meaningful.

Year 5 Summer Carnival Last year the carnival was cancelled due to it being too hot. This year, we are watching the weather forecast and hoping it doesn’t rain! Mr Power will keep the Year 5 students and their parents updated, and hopefully, the carnival can go ahead. It certainly has been a year of disruption!

AGM Board/P&F Meetings The AGM will be held in the hall from 5pm on Monday 23 November. This year, we are looking for a number of volunteers to join the P&F as most of the current Executive are retiring after a few years of excellent service. The P&F is a wonderful place to make new friends and contribute towards community building and fundraising which directly benefits the students. If you would like to join the P&F, please contact Alyce Hofmann-Fritz.

We are getting closer to the end of the school year with less than five weeks to go for students. The teachers are busy writing reports and they will be available online on the last Monday of term. These ones will be the usual ones you get at the end of each semester and will reflect your child’s progress over the course of the year. The grades will reflect the whole year’s work, whilst the comments will relate to this semester.


Yours sincerely

Laurie Bechelli

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