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  • 15 July

    TERM 3 Begins 2024

  • 19 July

    Term 3 School Fees Due

  • 19 July

    Assembly Years 3-6

  • 22 July

    Edu Dance Commences K-6 Gold classes + Kindy Blue

  • 23 July

    CPSSA Interschool Cross Country Yrs 3-6 10.00-1:30PM UWA Sports Park

  • 23 July

    Hymn Singing

  • 24 July

    CEWA RE Assessment – Yr 3 Online Practice & Equating

  • 25 July

    Performing Arts Piano Solo (Anna K)

  • 25 July

    Yr 2 Mass CEWA RE Assessment – Yr 5 Online Practice & Equating

  • 26 July

    Assembly Years PP-2)

  • 27 July

    Confirmation Commitment Weekend

From the Principal – Term 2, Week 9

Jun 12, 2024

Dear Parents and Caregivers

We are nearly at the end of what has been an unusually long term and holidays are just around the corner. However, we still have a few major events to get through first:

Empathy Reflection The opposite of anger is not calmness, it is empathy.

Mary Mac Cross Country Carnival This year, Mr Boyce has made a few changes and he has included the Pre Primary to Year 2 students in a modified version of the carnival for the first time. Usually, our carnival is just for the Year 3-6 students and we use it to select our interschool team. However, even though there are no interschool events for the Pre Primary to Year 2 students, we thought it would be a good idea to include them. Sam has sent home all the details and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the park across the road for this great annual event.

Book Fair In an effort to reduce the heavy load of activities we experience at the end of Term 3, we have moved the Book Fair to the end of this term. Whilst the book fair itself will be similar to what we did last year, we are adding the story telling night to it on Wednesday 19 June from 5.30pm to 7.00pm (we did attempt to hold it last year, however, a couple of the story tellers pulled out and we were unable to go ahead with it). It promises to be a fun evening where your children come along in their pyjamas and enjoy the experience of having professional story tellers share the excitement of listening to great stories in person. A flyer has already been sent home with all the details and I’m sure that many of you will turn up to support the event which promotes the positive benefits of reading.

Interschool Winter Carnival This year, the carnival will be held on Thursday 20 June at a variety of venues. Our Year 6 students will get the opportunity to compete against seven other Catholic schools in soccer, netball and football. Netball and soccer are two of our strongest events and I’m sure our students will do very well. As usual, I am more interested in their sportsmanship and behaviour which are always at a high standard at these carnivals. Mr Boyce will be sending all the details home and parents and grandparents are most welcome to come along and support our teams.

Reports The teachers have nearly finished writing the Semester 1 reports and they will be distributed online at around 4pm on Monday 24 June which is the last week of term. This gives you a few days opportunity to come and speak to the teachers if you have any questions. I have read most of the reports and I am very impressed with the efforts of our staff and students.

Kindergarten 2025 Places are filling fast, and one class is already full. If you have a younger child who is due to commence next year, please let the front office staff know as a high priority as we don’t want anyone to miss out. We think there are about 10 siblings who we don’t have on our books and we are keen to get them all enrolled asap please.

Code of Conduct Reminder All parents are reminded that everyone in our community is required to follow the CEWA Code of Conduct which is in place to protect us and make our school a safe and welcoming place for all. Unfortunately, when this code is not adhered to, conflicts can arise, leading to people feeling uncomfortable and unsafe.

Please remember to always treat everyone with courtesy and respect at all times. You are reminded that you should never approach another parent’s child if you are unhappy with something. Only staff members can do this. The Code of Conduct is on the school’s website for you to read in full at any time. I will place segments of it in the newsletter each fortnight as a reminder. It is in everyone’s best interests that the Code is always adhered to.

Conduct Statement 11:  You act reflectively and ethically.

Yours sincerely

Laurie Bechelli

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