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Important Dates

  • 15 June

    Reconciliation & First Eucharist certificate weekend

  • 17 June

    Book Fair

  • 18 June

    Book Fair

  • 18 June

    PP Excursion Brownes Dairy

  • 19 June

    Book Fair

  • 19 June

    Story Telling Night

  • 20 June

    Book Fair

  • 20 June

    Winter Carnival East - Noranda NA/Swan Districts NA, Coolbinia Reserve, & Yokine ROS

  • 21 June

    Book Fair

  • 21 June

    Assembly Yrs PP-2)

  • 24 June

    Reports go home

  • 25 June

    Hymn Singing

  • 27 June

    TERM 2 ENDS for Students

  • 27 June

    Mass Yr 6 (Reconciliation following Mass Yr 6)

  • 27 June

    Whole School Mass

  • 28 June

    PD Day Berry Street

  • 28 June

    Pupil Free Day

School News

Aug 19, 2020

Family Health Care Card

If your circumstances have changed and your family are now eligible for a Family Health Care Card, please contact the office to make an application for your discount on your school fees.


CPSSA Winter Carnival 

Our year six students will be competing against Good Shepherd Catholic School, St Helena’s Catholic School and Holy Cross College next week after this carnival was moved to Term Three. The carnival will be held at Holy Cross College on Thursday 20 August 2020. Though the carnival is reduced in the number of schools participating I am pleased that the opportunity has been presented for our students this year. 

Holy Cross College as the host school has advised that NO PARENT SPECTATORS are permitted to attend. Parents who have an official role as a coach will be permitted to attend.  

ALL Year Six students are to wear their sports uniform to school. They may wear their graduation polo shirt. Students playing soccer or football may bring their football boots (if they have some) to use at the carnival. Students are also encouraged to bring any protective equipment (shin-guards & mouthguards). Lunch, recess snacks and water bottles will need to be brought in their school bags to the carnival. In the event of wet weather students should pack a towel and their yellow school sports shirt to be used if required. 

Students will travel by bus to Holy Cross College and return to school to be collected at the usual pick up time. 

Mr. Power


What are your family rituals?… Some words from Micheal Grose at Parenting Ideas.

Rituals can be as simple as a parent saying to a child ‘I love you’ each day as they go to school,  a weekly game of cricket or another sport, or the bedtime-story routine that so many children love. The permanence and uniqueness of rituals give them their significance.

My own family, for example, has developed a very strong food culture that is shown through the traditions and rituals that we maintain. A meal takes time and effort to prepare and there’s an expectation that everyone contributes in some way. When the children were young the contribution was in preparation, table-setting or post-meal clean up. The tradition of contribution continues as a new generation of children visit and do their bit to assist. Like most traditions, this mealtime ritual was nurtured as a result of past parental experiences and gradually became refined over time to reflect our own family’s unique identity.

Develop traditions early Family traditions are best developed when children are pre-school or primary school-aged. Parent approval is important so kids will generally comply when enjoyable family traditions engender a relaxed, calm atmosphere. Adolescents are likely to challenge many of their family’s traditions and rituals, which is often difficult for parents to encounter. It helps to establish the traditions that are negotiable and those that are non-negotiable so you can approach adolescent challenges with some flexibility.

Defend them fiercely  When a child tells you that ‘everyone at school is allowed to do….” you can reply by saying, “In our we family we do it this way.” Leaning against family tradition in this way gives you a strength to resist children’s pester power. Family traditions and rituals need to be fiercely defended by parents.

Make family meals non-negotiable  This writer recommends that shared mealtimes should be non-negotiable in families. It’s no coincidence that countries with strong food cultures are also known for their strong family cultures. Shared mealtimes build connection, are great tools for developing children’s manners and respectful actions. They’ve also been linked to the maintenance of good mental health in children and young people, presumably due to the opportunity it provides parents to stay in touch with their children.

Healthy families are built around traditions and rituals. It’s useful to approach the concept of family traditions with a mix of firmness to insist that children adhere to family rituals but also flexibility to accommodate growing independence as children move into the next stage of development.

Lisa Mueller
Social Worker


Celebrating Science Week at Mary MacKillop

Mary MacKillop will be celebrating Science Week in Week 6 of this term with an exciting incursion and fun competition.


The Science Mum

The Science Mum is a small business committed to providing fun STEM learning experiences for budding little scientists. As a local Bassendean resident, The Science Mum offers a range of engaging science incursions to local schools.

Some of the younger students will be making a reusable bubble wand and making a lava lamp.

The upper classes will be participating in a hands-on workshop using Hot Wheels cars and learning how to become Forensic Scientists.


Microscopic Marvel Competition


Scientists all around the world use microscopes to magnify images that are too small to be seen with the human eye.

Your task is to identify microscopic images found around our school and describe what the image is part of.

There will be a prize per year level to give out. This Competition is currently open and it can be returned to the Science room by 26th August.

Thank you
Mrs Helen Jerkovic & Mrs Barbara Stojkovski


Uniform Shop  

Morning 8.00am-10.30am
Afternoon 2.30pm-4pm  

EFTPOS Available

Alternatively, if you are unable to attend during these times:-

You can download the form from our website place your order and email back to Julie or you can email to with your credit card details.

If any of the items need to be exchanged, please contact Julie first and return to the school office please do not remove any of the tags or packaging.

Uniform Shop Manager


Canteen News

The new Semester 2 CANTEEN MENU for 2020 is available on the MMCCPS website.

The canteen operates on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. To alleviate using money, Mary MacKillop Catholic Community Primary School has an online ordering system for Canteen orders.  This enables a more efficient and effective service available to you and your family.

You can visit to register.

Sylvia Iggleden
Canteen Manager


Library  News

Library Terms (words)

You want to take the book out of the Library and read it.

You haven’t finished reading the book, so you want to re-borrow the book.

You have finished reading the book and you want to give it back to the Library.

A book you would like to read is on loan (out of the Library) to someone else, so you want it kept for you when it is returned.

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