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Nothing from 23 September to 07 October.

From the Principal  – Term 1, Week 6

From the Principal – Term 1, Week 6

As we move through the season of Lent, let us pause to reflect upon what the real meaning of Easter is. It is the highest point in the Christian calendar where we realise that by the death of Jesus and being raised to eternal life, we will do the same. The resurrection is reflected in nature as it moves through its own cycles of life and death. Things like the devastating bushfires are a good reminder of this. It is amazing to go there sometime later to see the new life emerging from the ashes. This new life is around us all the time, but because we are so busy, we often miss it.

School News

School News

  • Kindergarten 2022 Enrolment Applications
  • School Fees
  • Health Care Card
  • Carers WA
  • Year Of St Joseph
  • Faction Swimming Carnival
  • Edu-Dance Costume Suggestions 2021
  • Inaugural Edu Dance Assembly
  • Canteen News
  • Uniform Shop
  • Second Hand Uniforms
P&F News

P&F News

  • Welcome to a new year of fantastic P & F events!
  • Class Representatives
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