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  • 15 July

    TERM 3 Begins 2024

  • 19 July

    Term 3 School Fees Due

  • 19 July

    Assembly Years 3-6

  • 22 July

    Edu Dance Commences K-6 Gold classes + Kindy Blue

  • 23 July

    CPSSA Interschool Cross Country Yrs 3-6 10.00-1:30PM UWA Sports Park

  • 23 July

    Hymn Singing

  • 24 July

    CEWA RE Assessment – Yr 3 Online Practice & Equating

  • 25 July

    Performing Arts Piano Solo (Anna K)

  • 25 July

    Yr 2 Mass CEWA RE Assessment – Yr 5 Online Practice & Equating

  • 26 July

    Assembly Years PP-2)

  • 27 July

    Confirmation Commitment Weekend

From the Principal – Term 4, Week 9

Dec 9, 2020

Dear Parents

It is hard to believe that this is the last newsletter for the year. For a while there, I wasn’t sure what this year would look like. However, the good news is that we finally got there as everyone did their bit. Like I said all year long, as bad as it was, we got off very lightly here in WA. I sincerely hope that next year is less disruptive. I would like to thank and acknowledge all of our students, staff and parents for your outstanding support of one another this year. We have certainly learned a lot and have grown as a community as a result of this adversity. I take this opportunity to wish you a very safe, holy and restful holiday break. I look forward to seeing you in February!

2021 Classes Your children met their teachers and classmates for next year earlier today. Placing students into classes is a huge and challenging job where we try our best to get the right mix. Once set, we don’t change them unless it is absolutely critical. One of the big things about Cooperative Learning is that we want the students making new friendships and expanding their circles to have as many options as possible. This creates a more inclusive and welcoming community.

Staff List As usual, this is attached to this newsletter, so you know who is doing what in 2021. I take this opportunity to thank those staff who are leaving and wish them well for their future endeavours. We say farewell to Tamara Bowman, Kylie Gazia, Sarah Hodgson, Courtney Carr, Stephanie Thaung and Shevi Aaron Perera. Thank you so much for your valuable contributions to our community over the years. You will be greatly missed.

We also welcome our new staff members for 2021; Owen Miller, Amy Pethick, Kali Koncurat, Mark Zaffino and Sharon Suckling. I’m sure you will join me in making them feel very welcome in our beautiful community.

New Art Programme I am very pleased to inform you that from the start of next year, we are introducing a brand new Art programme which will be run three days per week from the current Year 5 Orange classroom. Mr Owen Miller is our new art teacher and this programme will be available for all students from Pre Primary to Year 6. Over the holidays, we will convert 5 Orange into a proper Art room. This will run in addition to the usual Music, Science/STEM, Physical Education and Italian programmes.

OSHClub The initial uptake has been very positive with over 50 students registered to access this service from the start of next year. Thank you for your support as this will help us make sure we have it for years to come.

Holiday Works There will be a few jobs happening during our big break. The main one being the installation of a small limestone wall and mulch around the senior nature play area which will separate the oval from this area.

Dates 2021 The students will return to school on Monday 1 February, however, the office will be open from the week before as the staff will be back at work by then. Please make sure you go to Mass this Advent. Fr John and Fr Mark would love to see you there. God bless!


Yours sincerely

Laurie Bechelli

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