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Important Dates

  • 15 July

    TERM 3 Begins 2024

  • 19 July

    Term 3 School Fees Due

  • 19 July

    Assembly Years 3-6

  • 22 July

    Edu Dance Commences K-6 Gold classes + Kindy Blue

  • 23 July

    CPSSA Interschool Cross Country Yrs 3-6 10.00-1:30PM UWA Sports Park

  • 23 July

    Hymn Singing

  • 24 July

    CEWA RE Assessment – Yr 3 Online Practice & Equating

  • 25 July

    Performing Arts Piano Solo (Anna K)

  • 25 July

    Yr 2 Mass CEWA RE Assessment – Yr 5 Online Practice & Equating

  • 26 July

    Assembly Years PP-2)

  • 27 July

    Confirmation Commitment Weekend

From the Principal  – Term 3, Week 9

From the Principal – Term 3, Week 9

Once again, I would like to thank the P&F for putting on such a wonderful movie night for our students last Friday. As usual, it was a fun night and the P&F did a great job organising it. We were also very blessed to be able to hold it as it was yet another event which was postponed due to COVID-19. Bit by bit, we are catching up on all the things we had to delay. The Year 6 students finally got to camp this week and I had the great pleasure of being with them the whole time. It has been a very full on but fun time. I’m sure the Year 6 students will cherish their memories from this camp. They will also finally get confirmed on 17 and 18 October in our Church. That will be at the end of Week 1 next term.

School News

School News

  • Family Health Care Card
  • Asking, ‘Are you OK?’
  • Library News
  • Uniform Shop
  • Canteen News
P&F News

P&F News

  • Father’s Day Stall & Raffle
  • Sports Carnival
  • Movie Night
  • Cards that Count
  • Entertainment Books
  • Second-Hand Uniforms
  • School Banking
  • Next Meeting
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